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By using this application, developers would obtain much real-time information related to system status and be able to effortlessly find out any scenarios anytime. These features include:

• Versatile VoIP setting Guarantee reliable communication at extreme environment

• Complete Protocols Range Multiple protocols, including PCM , SS7 and ISDN can be configured and adjusted to any communication environment.

• Diverse system tools System tools help maintenance and ensure stable running of VoIP gateways.

Online Demo

Demo-1000.pngDemo-2000.pngDemo-3000.pngDemo-4000.png Demo-SBC.pngDemo-2400.pngDemo-UC200.png

Usename: admin
Password: admin


Products Version download Details
SMS Management platform 1.0
As a premium cloud-based and user-friendly web SMS platform, it enables users to send and receive SMS from web browser
SMS User Manual 1.0
User Manual
Device Central Management System 1.0
Device Cloud-Based Management System (DCMS), based on the Internet, is used for monitoring, maintenance and debugging for Synway’s VoIP gateways on the field

Demo Download

Version Windows Linux