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What to do if I forget the IP address of the SMG digital gateway?

Long press the Reset button on the gateway to restore to factory settings. Thus the IP address will be restored to its default value: LAN1: LAN2:

In what cases can I conclude that the SMG digital gateway is abnormal and turn to Synway’s technicians for help?

a)During runtime, the run indicator does not flash or the alarm indicator lights up or flashes, and such error still exists even after you restart the device or restore it to factory settings. b)Voice problems occur during call conversation, such as that one party or both parties cannot hear the voice or the voice quality is unacceptable. c)The E1/T1 trunk of the gateway is well connected, but the E1/T1 indicators never light up after the gateway startup or their indications do not comply with the actual state. Other problems such as abnormal PSTN trunk status, inaccessible calls, failed registrations and incorrect numbers are probably caused by configuration errors. We suggest you refer to Chapter 3 WEB Configuration for further examination in the SMG Digital Gateway Manual.. If you still cannot figure out or solve your problems, please feel free to contact our technicians.

What to do if I cannot enter the WEB interface of the SMG digital gateway after login?

This problem may happen on some browsers. To settle it, follow the instructions here to configure your browser. Enter ‘Tools > Internet Options >Security Tab’, and add the current IP address of the gateway into ‘Trusted Sites’. If you change the IP address of the gateway, add your new IP address into the above settings.