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How to deal with the failure of running test program at common user access to Linux?

It is a problem of access rights.

Solution: Go into the directory etc/udev/rule.d, modify shdpci.rules, and then restart the computer.

For example, to give the user name of Synway the access right to Linux, you only need to add the following 4 lines to shdpci.rules.

KERNEL=="shdpci-*", NAME="shd/pci9000-%n" GROUP="synway" MODE="0664"

KERNEL="shdpci-*", NAME="shd/pci9000-%n" GROUP="synway" MODE="0664"

KERNEL=="shdusb-*", NAME="shd/shdusb-%n" GROUP="synway" MODE="0664"

KERNEL="shdusb-*", NAME="shd/shdusb-%n" GROUP="synway" MODE="0664"

What to do if the driver reports "insmod shdpci.ko error" during its installation under Linux?

You can troubleshoot the problem following the instructions below:

1) Check if the driver kernel information matches the system kernel information. (Generally, the load errors are caused by the inconsistency in kernel information);

2) If the driver kernel information do not match the system kernel information, please contact our technicians and offer the information of “Uname –a”, “cat /proc/version” and “lsb_release –a”.

3) Our technicians will provide you with a new driver installation package.