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Which version of PCI bus, PCIe bus and TDM bus should you use?

PCI for A-/B-type Boards: PCI 2.1, 32 bits, 33 MHz;

PCI for C-/D-type Boards: PCI 2.2, 32/64 bits, 33 MHz, compatible with PCI-X;

PCIe(X1) for E-type Boards: PCIe Express 1.0, compatible with X2, X4, X8 and X16;

TDM for PCI, PCIe Boards: H.100;

TDM for cPCI Boards: H.110.

How many boards and channels can be supported by a single-computer system?

A single computer can accommodate more than 10 boards (can be of different models). A single computer with all analog boards gives up to ‘number of boards×16’ channels, one with all digital PCI boards gives up to ‘number of boards×240’ channels (for boards with 8 E1) and one with all digital cPCI boards gives up to ‘number of boards×480’ channels (for boards with 16 E1).