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How to play background music in a teleconference?

Join the conference as an ‘always speaking’ participant with a channel, then play background music to the bus. This can then be heard by other members in the conference

Does teleconferencing occupy additional channels?

No. Synway voice boards have built-in distributed, interactive teleconferencing function that allows an unlimited number of conferences and participants within each conference. Background music playback, monitoring and recording of a conference can also be done without taking up additional resources.

How to record conversation of all conference members at one time?

Turn on the mixer for one of the channels by the relative function call. The conversation of all conference members can be recorded by recording this mixed channel.

Why does howling occur when operation is carried out on a bus or in a conference?

This generally occurs due to dissimilar impedance levels when using analog boards. Operations on the bus or in a conference are advised to be done only after the channels have gone into ‘talking’ state. When a certain channel is idle, refrain from operation on the bus or teleconference.

How can an outsider listen to the entire conference conversation?

This can be done by calling the function SsmLinkFrom().

Up to how many conference groups and participants are allowed in a conference?

There is no limit to either.

Sometimes when a few channels from a digital board join the conference as dynamic members, a speaker's voice cannot be heard by other members or is only heard after a delay. Why?

This usually happens when the channel on the board fails to detect a barge-in. If such an arrangement is needed, we suggest changing the barge-in sensitivity in the relative item in ‘ShConfig.ini’ to around 10.

In a teleconference, how does the board prevent DTMF key tones in a channel from being heard by other channels?

The board supports the DTMF-clamping feature that can prevent DTMF key tones from overflowing to other channels.