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How can WORD or PDF files be faxed?

They can be converted to supported formats –*.tif (T4) files – before being faxed out.

What file formats does the fax board support?

Supports standard *.tif (T4) documents, which are featured as follows:

1) Color: Black and white.

2) Resolution: 204 * 196、200 * 200 (fine mode);

204 * 98、200 * 100 (common mode).

3) Fax standard: MH, MR, MMR (Note: MR and MMR are supported by SynCTI Ver. and above)

4) Pixels: image width of 1728, and no requirements for image height.

What contributes to failure of establishing a fax handshake or carrier wave?

1) Bus cable is not connected or loose.

2) Wrongly configured bus master/slave clock, e.g. configured multiple master boards.

3) Fax channel is not connected to relative phone channel, or connected channel is not in ‘talking’ state.

4) Has not enabled fax channel in driver application.

5) Remote facsimile machine is in the process of sending when a send-task is started in the fax channel.

How to append fax file during a fax transmission?

You can append a document only after the transmission of the first file begins. Additionally, a file to be appended must have the same format as the file in transmission.

Why does a received tif file sometimes show white text on dark background when opened with ACDSEE?

This is due to the reversal bit of a tif file, which does not affect fax transmission/reception.

What are features of the Synway soft-faxing?

It has the following features:

1) Compression encoding: MH, MR, MMR supported

2) Error Correction Mode (ECM) supported

3) Fax protocol: V.17, V.29, V.27, V.34 supported

4) Baud rates: 33600bps, 14400bps, 9600bps, 7200bps, 4800bps supported

Is it possible to convert tif files without doing it manually?

The function ‘ShellExecute’ in Windows can be used to print Word and Excel documents in .tif format.

Can additional information such as company name be added to the fax documents in transmission?

Yes. Fax headers can be added to .tif files.

Can we choose to fax certain pages of the document only?