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Thank you for choosing the Synway boards. SynCTI is a unified driver program for the Synway boards. This manual, as the biggest help file for SynCTI, aims at those software engineers dedicated to API development and application. It can also be provided as a reference book for the salesmen as well as the installation and maintenance technicians who are using products from Synway to set up the CTI application system.

We offer the SynCTI - a unified driver program and development platform – to serve as the link between the Synway board hardware and software. SynCTI provides a unified API interface for its various board models so that the application system based on certain model can be easily extended to different environments.

This document consists of four chapters.

Chapter 1 introduces the fundamental knowledge about programming for voice boards, covering the structure, classification, system set-up of the Synway boards and the SynCTI driver program, the operation procedure and the precaution on it. Readers will get to know what the board can do and how to enable all board features via API functions after they read through this chapter. We suggest those who are in the first use of our products to read this chapter carefully before programming. You can surely skip over the content in no relation with your application. For example, if your application is for processing analog phone lines, you can ignore the words about digital trunks.

Chapter 2 elaborates the SynCTI's API functions, driver-generated events and relative data structures.

Chapter 3 describes all configuration items in detail for the SynCTI driver program and classifies them by function. Each function has the necessary configuration items as well as the advanced ones which are generally used to meet requirements from a few of particular environments and users.

Chapter 4 tells you how to configure and use the SS7 system.

Although Synway has scrupulously checked through this manual, but cannot guarantee the absence of errors and omissions. We sincerely apologize for any consequent inconvenience brought to you and will be very grateful if you kindly give your advice regarding amendments to this book.


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Version PDF