ATP2400 Recording Server FAQ

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How to solve the problem that I can neither play the recording files nor monitor the recording in real time via IE10?

Currently, the IE10 under Win7 or Win8 operating system is integrated with media player12 which is not well compatible with the web. To solve the problem, you can replace it by media player11 or below versions, or use other software such as realplayer (downloaded via

Is ATP2400 standard 1U in height? Can it be fixed on the rack without pallet?

Yes. ATP2400 adopts the standard 1U design and can be fixed on the rack without pallet.

How many days of recording files can be stored in an ATP2400-24 machine equipped with a 2T HD?

The table below illustrates the data calculated based on continuous 24-hour recording on all 24 channels.

Codec Days
A-law 126
μ-Law 126