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What should the input impedance on a recording module be?

It should be: ≥1MΩ/500V DC; ≥10kΩ/1000Hz AC.

How to sample voices from a microphone or radio using a microphone module or recording module?

Since microphones and radios have no electric voltage, the configuration item ‘IgnoreLineVoltage’ in file “ShConfig.ini” should be set to 1 to sample voices from these devices.

A recording channel is monitoring a trunk phone in parallel, but the recording channel constantly appears to be off-hook even if the trunk phone hangs up. Why?

This can happen if the on/off-hook voltages set in the recording module do not match the voltages in reality. To correctly identify on/off-hook statuses, set the on/off-hook voltages defined in the recording modules to the mean values of those in reality.

How does voice-activated recording work?

Voice-activated recording uses a function call by the driver to detect if there is voice activity on the line, and starts recording upon activity and stops for inactivity over a set duration.

Does the recording module support polarity reversal detection?


Can a trunk module be used as a recording module?

For SHT series B-type and C-type boards, yes, a trunk module can be configured to work as a recording module by modifying the configuration item ‘SetAnalogChToRecCh’ based on the driver SynCTI 5010 or above. For SHT series D-type boards, a trunk module cannot be configured to work as a recording module.

Why does the recording system generate a 1K size recorded file?

Possible reasons are as follows:

1) The computer is not installed with an MP3 engine but the application program records in MP3 format;

2) Such problem may occur if you use the SynCTI driver and the MP3 engine provided with the demo package for MP3 recording. In that case, we suggest you upgrade the driver and the MP3 engine to or above versions. And the driver and the MP3 engine may as well be of the same version.

If you are sure such problem is caused not by the above reasons, update the driver to the latest version published on the website of Synway and try again. If the problem still exists, contact our technical support for help.

Where can I find FAQs about the ATP2400 recording server?

Refer to Appendix B Troubleshooting in ATP2400 Manual.pdf on the SUPPORT page of our website.