Auto Uninstall of Asterisk, SynAST and Dahdi

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1.Stop Asterisk
While Asterisk is running, switch it to Asterisk terminal and execute the following command to stop Asterisk. CLI> stop now

2.Enter the directory to Asterisk source codes to uninstall Asterisk

# cd  /opt/asterisk-
# make uninstall-all                      # Remove relative services and folders

3.Enter the directory to SynAST source codes to uninstall SynAST

# cd  /opt/SynAST-	# Enter the source code directory
# ls	
# ./Setup remove	              # Uninstall SynAST and Dahdi drivers as well as the SynAST folder 

4.Remove the Dahdi directory and folder

At present the method supported is using a new Dahdi to override the old.